We still think there is a place in the market for an outstanding product, exceptional customer service, and unbeatable value.  We are a full service firm with specialists in almost every practice area and geographic location.  We have a diligently selected group of Founders representing all areas of the Real Estate transaction from attorneys to bank underwriters to loan processors to licensed Escrow and Title producers to former Real Estate agents.  Most importantly, we want to be available for our clients and let them know that the principals, rather than staff, are the individuals managing the file.  Our firm is different because it doesn’t feel like an endless maze of receptionists and secretaries – we’re a transparent group who will readily give out our cell numbers and meet wherever and whenever our clients decide.


We have worked hard to provide our clients with a network of agencies throughout the nation.  As of the end of 2014, we will have the largest independent title agency company in the country.  You will not only have excellent service in your location, but you can be confident in sending a referral to another.  In addition, we have a 50 state and 22 country referral network for legal matters.


We save you and your clients time and money by closing at the time and location of your choice with no additional charge.


Developing the best mechanisms for delivery of electronic copies of all documentation.  Some jurisdictions require a “blue ink” signature, and in those jurisdictions, our closing agents will arrive to the closing with a laptop or iPad with the documentation, along with printed signature pages.  Your client will have a convenient, efficient, timely email delivered after to closing.


We believe every client deserves a personal touch.  We pride ourselves in listening to exactly what each of our clients want and need.  With our client care program, your clients have immediate contacts for all necessary items within the Real Estate purchase contract.  We allow all parties to manage the transaction easily and effectively.  Since we have experience as real estate agents, our process is simple — we think about your ideal definition of client care.


It is our goal to deliver all documentation related to the closing package 48 hours in advance of the closing appointment.  We are subject to the delivery of instructions from third parties but will always alert banks, lenders and other individuals of our 48 hour policy upon receipt of the Real Estate Purchase Contract.


Our founders include attorneys experienced in the area of compliance, including financial institutions regulated by State and Federal agencies.  We work closely with the respective states and underwriters to ensure our compliance procedures meet and exceed industry requirements.


We do not and will not run a closing mill.  Each licensed Title and Escrow Producer is restricted to no more than one closing per working day or 20 per month, whichever is less.  There are several reasons for the controls, but primarily it is due to the hectic nature of each and every transaction.  Not only will your client receive a full closing packet 48 hours prior to closing, but the entire team of the closing agent will be working on your client’s file for the entire day.  When the closing appointment comes, we’ll be ready.  No waiting, no worries.


Each file will have no less than four parties assisting in the preparation of the file:

1)   Closing coordinator (General, Client Care)

2)   Coordinator in charge of search, document preparation

3)   Licensed Attorney

4)   Licensed Escrow and Title Producer


Our firm engages in complete transparency, ensuring that client interests are protected.

Our documentation is available for review at any time during the process, and our attorneys and staff are available for phone or in-person meetings with any associated party at any time.

Our intention is to make sure we never lose a client.


Consider this posting the signed pledge of our licensed closing agents related to client communication.  We know your issue may not be able to wait.  It is our pledge to:

1)   Return all phone calls and voicemails within one business day

2)   Return all emails and text messages within ½ business day

3)   Return all letters within 2 business days

4)   Have the licensed closing agent and/or principal communicate directly with the client(s).


We offer free 20 minute in-person or phone appointments to anyone at any time, nationwide and Title or legal matter.